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Dom Guitarist!

Dom is our guitarist. He's always there to make a joke out of something. Very good at what he does, and always gives a good show. He has a particular fond of finding the most strings on a bass that he can.

Great guy, always contributes to the band by spending a fair amount of time working on riffs, chords, and lyrics. Always shows up to every band practice and sometimes organises them.

We are really lucky to have him in our band and we know we shall progress with him. He is a talented guitarist and he's the a real benefit to have.

Amy Lead Singer!

Amie is our vocalist who is more talented than she thinks. Dom and tom think that they are so lucky to a voice like that in the band. She works hard on writting lyrics for songs but also writting melodys on the piano.

If there is a song that she wants to cover she will let the other members of the band know straight away so that they can go away and practice it.

She loves music and she hopes to go on and compose great music in the future. She has a really soft delicate voice which is perfect for our genre of music. She always lets us know when she is available for band practice, and always show up on time and ready.

Tom Keyboard!




Tom is the keyboardist, and bassist. Often gets refered to as 'Bieber' by the other two band members due to the haircut.

He gets along really well with the other two band members because they are really good friends outside of the band. He helps dom out with writting riffs, and songs, and he is really focused on writting originals. If we want to cover a song tom will get the chords and lyrics for the other band members.

He's always there for every band practice and always on time. He works hard on creating the advertisment for the band such as websites, posters, and adverts online.

He is great musician and a talented pianist, and he trys his hardest to put on a good show, and will always phsych everyone up before a gig.


We are a new band ready to get out there and rock out! We are currently college students and we have done gigs in college that involved other bands too which is on every year. And outside of college which was at a pub and we had to manage the gig ourselves which gave us some good experience. We are really looking forward to performing and getting out there. We will play at weddings, partys, venues, or pubs. This will help us gain more experience and help us progress further. Our genres are Indie, Rock , pop.


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